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Dedicated Server Reseller Program

The Dedicated Server Reseller Program is designed for companies who wish to sell dedicated self-managed servers with Flexihostings acting as a silent partner. This means you will be able to lease Flexihostings dedicated servers and selected services at a discounted price and then resell them to your customers. The server reseller program is designed for companies who do not have direct access to data center facilities or the resources to introduce your own range of dedicated servers.

Flexihostings will maintain the overall network environment and provide resellers with the same quality bandwidth and services our customers currently experience with Flexihostings. As a result, your company will become a full blown self-branded dedicated server provider with a large team and experience server engineers to support your business and customer 24/7. Our engineers are on site 24/7 in the Data Center.

Key Benefits
Resell Dedicated Servers with World Class Data Centers and 99.95% Network Uptime Guarantee
Back-end Support by Flexihostings engineers and certified system administrator
Private label branding or use our name to sell servers
A tiered discount program
No long term contracts required
A single agreement to establish your server reseller account
Co-Marketing and branding opportunities available
Free sales support and solution design service (for larger quotes/sales)
Custom server configurations and marketing support

Direct Support provided by YOU,
The Reseller

As a Dedicated Server Reseller, you will be responsible for the front line of support. This does not mean you cannot use our services to compliment your sales. In many cases our resellers utilize a number of our services by purchasing a higher level of administration services that include security updates, monitoring, Firewall and Load balancing administration and advanced support. Our services can be repackaged, renamed, and resold to your customer in any manner you want.

Our Sales Team is focused on helping our reseller partners succeed. The Flexihostings Sales team can usually turn any quote around in a matter of hours. If you run into a custom solution we are here to make it happen.

The Dedicated Server Program is open to all hosting provider in following region.
Australia Middle East
New Zealand China and Hong Kong
Asia Korea and Japan
Reseller Application

If you would like to be considered for the Flexihostings Dedicated Reseller Program, please submit the reseller application.

You will be automatically enroll into both our Dedicated Server and VPS reseller program upon signing up for one.

To be sure we are partnering with companies who are dedicated in this business, there will be a AUD99.00 one-time registration fee.
Dedicated Server Wholesale Volume Based Discounts
Reseller Level
Set-up Fee
Monthly Discount
Junior Partner
Gold Partner
Dedicated Server Reseller Price
Retail Price
Reseller Price After 20% Ddiscount
Dedicated Server 1
Dedicated Server 2
Dedicated Server 3
Dedicated Server 4
Dedicated Server 5
*The above is our dedicated server retail price as of 1 January 2008 . Please refer to our actual dedicated server page for updated costing.
**Our CS team here is to help you with any of your queries. They can be reach at
cs [at] flexihostings.net
**Feel free to check out our VPS Reseller Program too. Once you are our reseller, you can enjoy reselling our VPS and Dedicated Server.
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