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Why wait to be discovered?

Get yourself listed on Google, Yahoo! & MSN with FlexiHostings’ Search Engine Submission service.

We know your intention of launching your business website is to be listed in major Search Engines for your customers to find your website easily. However, just by launching your website itself alone it won’t automatically make your site to be listed in Search Engines.

FlexiHostings’ Search Engine Submission service is perfect for businesses who want their website to be listed at major Search Engines, to let your customers find you effortlessly and to accelerate their appearance on the Search Engines.

Flexihostings guarantees your website to be listed in days!

Flexihostings guarantees to list your website on the major search engines of your country segment, such as Yahoo, Google and MSN – which accounts for over 90% of all searches.

We will provide you a result report once we’ve achieved the minimum goal of the process. Until your website is listed at ALL three search engines, your Flexihostings Search Engine Submissions service will remain active.

At only AUD69.95, Flexihostings will make your business website to be listed within days! Order BeListed Search Engine Submission today!

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Frequently Asked Questions about "Flexihostings Be Listed Service"
What is Search Engine Submission?
"Search engine submission" refers to the act of getting your web site listed/searchable with search engines. The below screen capture shows you how does it look like when your site is listed and not listed in search engine.
Won't my website get listed anyway?
Simply publishing a website is no guarantee that it will ever be listed by the Search Engines. Over time, most websites will be found by the Search Engines as they crawl the internet. This time can vary from several weeks to several months.

Flexihostings BeListed aims to substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to get listed, getting your website in front of people much faster.

Reasons a new website can miss out on a Search Engine position:-
The site isn't well connected through multiple links to other sites on the web.
The site launched after the Search Engines most recent crawl was completed.
The site was temporarily unavailable when the Search Engine tried to crawl it.

Will you submit my site to '10,000 search engines' like other services I have seen?
No. Whilst there are many Search Engines on the internet, over 90% of all searches come from Google, Yahoo or MSN. Many other minor search engines use these 'big three' for their results. Services that 'auto-submit' to 'thousands of search engines' are likely to be submitting your site to directories that have no real value and can in fact be detrimental to your long term search engine position. Submission to invaluable website such as FFA link site or sites that has a whole lots of link will result your website to be penalized by the 3 major search engine and you don't want that to happen.
How quickly will my listing appear?
Generally most websites will show up within a week of having the Flexihostings BeListed service activated, but that time is variable, dependent on the Search Engines.
How will I know when Flexihostings BeListed has worked?
Each Teusday you will receive an email report from Flexihostingsa showing the status of your website on the 3 major Search Engines.When your website has been listed by Google, Yahoo or MSN, you will be informed and the BeListed service will have completed.
Will BeListed get my website to the top of the search results on Google/Yahoo/MSN etc?
Getting listed does not mean that you will necessarily rank well for particular terms. It simply means that the search engine knows your pages exist. To achieve a leading position on the Search Engines after submission you should follow up Flexihostings BeListed with a Search Engine Optimisation service.
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