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#1 - The ideal hosting platform
Flexihostings has invested a considerable amount of time and money into developing an ideal hosting platform for both small businesses and individuals. From launching our clean, simple and easy to use Web Mail and Control Panel version, to offering high allowances for disk space and monthly data transfer, Flexihostings is confident that our service can meet the needs of a very wide range of customers. Currently, Flexihostings services client websites ranging from web-based shopping portals, to websites dedicated to wedding photography, and everything that falls in-between - in over 140 countries around the world!
#2 - Some very happy customers
We guarantee that we'll provide quality service. Specifically:
“Thank you guys so much for helping me so fast. You guys might not have a telephone support but your support is better then Godaddy.

I can tell you how much I appreciate you helping me out so fast. Everything looks good. “

Dayton Green | 23 March 2007
83underground.com | FX Economy
"Thanks Cherry,
Thank you for the professional service we recieve from Flexihostings. I recommend your business to everyone. You guys are one of the most professional I have had the pleasure of working with. I'm looking forward to seeing the draftI look forward to continued work with you."
James Paterson | 28 March 2007
contraband.com.au | FX Lite
"Thank you Yip.

You've made my day! Seriously!

If there are such things as gold stars, you've earnt about 10 and I'm going to get at least, say, a couple!

Have a great night."
Glen Aitken | 11 April 2007
synchresis.org | FX Premier
Hi Liyana,

Yes, I now have everything I require. Thank you very much for your support and assistance over the weekend. Thank you also for your additional efforts to get me the services I came to FlexiHostings for. Such customer care is becoming harder to find each day, and it was a relief to see that somewhere in Australia, it does still exist.

Thank you very much!

Kind Regards,

Andrew Hawken

"Hey Cherry, when do you sleep! everytime I send a message it seems your on-line working. Thanks again for your help, your awesome. "

| James Paterson -- 1 Nov 2007 -- contraband.com.au | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"I have received the emails on how to access my account and I am now a very happy customer. Thanks for all your help."

| Grant Bell -- 17 Oct 2007 -- grantandnick.com | Hosting plan: Web Hosting 2

"Sigh, poor memphis, he...she....it....worked so hard for me, hosting my websites, making sure they were up 24/7, I never had problems, he served well, I will be sad to see him go, please, make sure the server gets a good 'send off'....(A loyal and probably slightly crazy.... flexihostings customer)"

| Joanna -- 17 Sept 2007 -- linuxgfx.co.uk | Hosting plan: FX Premier

"Thank you so much, Flexi do have a service where people can make comments on how good the customer service is, cause so far i'm really impressed with the fast response times and the friendly service"

| Scott O'Dea -- 25 Aug 2007 -- scott2.com | Hosting plan: Teamspeak Hosting

"I just checked and it's all fine. Thank you for you prompt relies and help. A pleasure to deal with!"

| Ryan Bown -- 17 Aug 2007 -- wafootball.com.au | Hosting plan: Semi Dedicated

"Oh thanks so much. That testimonial doesn't even come CLOSE to conveying how amazing you guys have been. I have been a die hard customer for close to 5 years."

| Anthony Olson -- 17 Aug 2007 -- sphyreofprometheus.com | Hosting plan: FX Economy

"Thank you Thank you Thank you....If you were a woman I would give you a HUGE kiss, but I owe you a drink I suppose.
We are being watched by Oprah Winfrey's staff and it appears we may get called on for an appearance..."

| Anthony Olson -- 16 Aug 2007 -- sphyreofprometheus.com | Hosting plan: FX Economy

"Thanks for your kind and immediate attention to that, very much appreciated....Thanks again, as always first class service."

| Frank Gribbin -- 09 Aug 2007 -- ocularjigsaw.com | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"Cheers, thanks for the help. You're a star :)"

| Dave Wright -- 09 Aug 2007 -- stwilfrids.com | Hosting plan: FX Premier

"Thanks guys! You are awesome! Your service is absolutely the best I have ever got!"

| Matti Mattila -- 08 Aug 2007 -- pentapol.com | Hosting plan: VPS Package 2

"Wow!! Am already impressed at the speed... your response time is great! kudos. Get me started."

| Kenneth Kairu -- 04 Aug 2007 -- dawitinsurance.com | Hosting plan: Web Hosting 1

"Great! That worked :)
Thank you for all the help. I am very impressed with flexihostings."

| Ben Davis -- 23 July 2007 -- airrunner.com.au | Hosting plan: Web Hosting 3

".....Again thanks a lot for your quick response and help."

| Lionel Owen -- 18 July 2007 -- lionel.com.cn | Hosting plan: FX Economy

"You’re a champion. Thanks for doing that for me so promptly"

| Nasser Bechara -- 4 July 2007 -- sfentech.com | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"If you weren't an internet person, i would kiss you......thanks Cherry (unless Cherry is a man) lol...

Thanks Cherry, Nice to hear that; and once again, thanks for the prompt attention."

| Nasser Bechara -- 27 June 2007 -- sfentech.com | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"I can’t help but say thankyou to Yip for his speedy work during a large issue we had with our old webhost dropping off the face of the earth, losing nameservers, and subsequently none of our customers/contacts being able to email us at our domain.

Within a matter of minutes into a webchat with Yip he had setup a new flexihostings account for us, and changed the MX and A records for our domain to get us by. I can’t thank him enough, in our business being the end of the financial year, there are a lot of emails flying back and forwards at the moment which are of high importance.
So thankyou to Yip and flexihostings, your service is very much appreciated."

| Aaron Day -- 27 June 2007 -- securinvestfp.com.au | Hosting plan: Web Hosting 2

"Wow thank you very much for personally chasing up this matter quickly! I really appreciate the quick response and solutions you have for my problem. I guess one of the things that's made me stay with Flexihostings is their Support Agents like yourself, you guys have always been so helpful and patient with my issues, I kind of feel spoiled and ^_^ Customer service, you guys are no. 1!"

| Sharlene Cruz -- 12 June 2007 -- aru-wabisabi.net | Hosting plan: FlexiSite Hosting

"I can't believe you're working at this time of night on a Saturday! I'm heading home now, so will not reply further till morning - when I hope you will have some time out!

Thanks for all your help - I will be hosting all my future clients with you guys - your service is outstanding!"

| Catherine Lowry -- 09 June 2007 -- catsdancestudio.com | catsanimation.com | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"I must complement you all on your excellent service, and your prompt attention to my problems, no matter how small. Thank you!"

| Ian Reynolds -- 07 June 2007 -- soapfairy.net | Hosting plan: Web Hosting 2

"We are definitely not used to service this quick!!"

| Angela McNeill -- 05 June 2007 -- idcforums.com | Hosting plan: VPS Value

"I also wanted to say thank you very much to the support team there, you always have a quick response and a friendly, helpful attitude"

| Timothy Dewberry -- 03 June 2007 -- teamspeak hosting

"Being a non-profit organisation, we can only guess at the real benefits your professional subscribers are privy to. Some of the things we certainly do appreciate Flexihostings for is your generosity as a free host for non-profit organisations, your succinct but informative notices, your diligence and attendance to your systems which creates for us all above all, your reliable service.

Thanks again, we really do appreciate it all."

| Ron Cork -- 27 May 2007 -- vaps.org.au | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"The French was simply my way of saying thanks.... you do your job well and I try to take the time to let people know that, unlike the French who are very quick to criticize. And if this short note made you smile, then, I have done my good deed for day  :-)"

| Rodney Wicks -- 22 May 2007 -- american-anglais-autres-langues.com | Hosting plan: FX Economy

"I really loved my time with Flexihostings, it was pleasant and trouble free. At the moment I'm living abroad so I no longer require hosting services. I would recommend your service to anyone and if in the future I require hosting again I would certainly return."

| Amy Robinson -- 17 May 2007 -- gakushi.net | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"Yes it works perfectly, thankyou. I would like to say that the quality of support that I recieve from the staff at Flexihosting is second to none and that I will continue to recommend them to anyone who will listen."

Kind Regards
| (unknown) -- 17 May 2007 -- sonicbomb.com | Hosting plan: Web Hosting 4

PS. Thanks again for going the extra mile with this request. :-)

"Thank you thank you You guys are fantastic and we really appreciate your service."

| James -- 09 May 2007 -- taketwoevents.com | Hosting plan: Web Hosting 2

"Seems to be working properly!

Thanks heaps.... i'll test it a bit more and get back to you if there are problems, but everything seems fine at the moment....

Thanks again, you guys rock at support :-P"

| Callan Back -- 09 May 2007 -- playerslounge.com.au | Hosting plan: FX Premier

"Hey Ashley,

Excellent. Too easy. :-)
Can't wait to get my hands dirty, so to speak, with the new server.

It a nice calming feeling knowing im back with Flexihostings. Again, the support you guys offer is amazing, second to none.
Thank you again for arranging this as fast as you did."

| Andy -- 29 Apr 2007 -- mygen.com.au

"The server is back online and talking!!

You folks are - without a doubt - lifesavers and legends :)
- - Thanks!!"

| Dave Fitches -- 23 Apr 2007, 19.55 -- mos.net.au | Hosting plan: Dedicated Server

"Thank you for sorting out my stats earlier. Very efficient."

| Elliott Lane -- 20 April 2007 -- desworx.com | Hosting plan: RS-Two

"Thanks a lot for such good news. It is really appreciate for me that I can feel care from your company. If I have any question or proposals for you in future I`ll contact you additionally. Thanks once more."

| Denis Kilmov -- 17 april 2007 -- havart.com | Hosting plan: RS-Two

"Many thanks for your assistance in this matter. Flexi support services continue to be very satisfactory."


| Diane DeVries -- 14 april 2007 -- digrafika.com | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"Thanks for your present, I must say that you are an absolutely fantastic hosting company, and I will stay with you until well, probably forever ;)

Thanks for making my day, and don't worry, I have never had a long response time even though you are about 10hrs difference from me!!"

| Jo Harris -- 9 February 2007 -- linuxgfx.co.uk | karoshi.org.uk | Hosting plans: FX Premier



| Nasser Bechara -- 24 January 2007 -- sfentech.com | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"Thanks for your present, I must say that you are an absolutely fantastic hosting company, and I will stay with you until well, probably forever ;)

From the very first day, it’s been nothing but clear sailing, quick service and low outage. In particular I think the excellent customer service exceeds that of most hosting companies. Previous to signing up with Flexihostings I had many bad customer service experiences, slow replies to enquiries, confusing, unclear or inexpert help. I think that in an industry where you rarely if ever see your customers, how you treat them is more important than ever, it’s nice to see that Flexihostings believes that too. "

| Amy Robinson-- 24 January 2007 -- gakushi.net | Hosting plan: FX Lite

"My old host went out of business and I needed to find a new one quickly. I called Flexihostings and spoke to them directly. I was amazed. They took my order on the phone and my site was uploaded within 15 minutes. They did a great job and should be commended. Keep up the good work guys!"

| Hillary Stephen

"I had a problem that other people called 'unsupported'. I had a site I wanted to move from my old provider (because their network xxxx) to Flexihostings (because they gave me a good deal) but didn't know how to move the files. These guys took my login, and moved all my files AND made sure it all worked!"

| Justin Cruz

"Just wanted to say that you guys have an amazing service. Keep up the good work!"

| Albert Ko

"Your company and you get an "A+". I wish all companies responded this quickly, and effectively. You fixed the problem immediately."

| Thomas Cain

"Flexihostings just absolutely freakin' rocks!!! Great service!!"

| Catherine Thomas

"I shopped around to see if I could find a better deal, only to find that Flexihostings is the best 'spot' in town – by a long shot. Thanks!"

| Harry Reyees

"The customer service is excellent! I expect fast resolution to my requests for assistance and haven't been disappointed when dealing with Flexihostings."

| Andrew Ryan

"The best deal for your money I have come across. Great tech support and customer service! Fair and honest people running this show."

| Stella Daughtry

"Convenience, value, and service are the reasons I've hosted three businesses with Flexihostings. Setup is a snap, the control console is very easy to use, and the support staff is responsive and personable."

| Patrick Oliver

"I was up and running my site in 30 minutes. Flexihostings customer service was an incredible resource to me! And, their value-added services has made the experience nothing but positive and seamless."

| Simon Green

"I am very pleased with the service you give. Thanks for the support!"

| William Dolson

"I had a wonderful experience with the Flexihostings. They are a great company and I will be with them for a long time to come. "

| Mike Thompson

"I administer two websites hosted by Flexihostings. The setup is painless and the support is the best I've encountered."

| Anthony Reeve

If you're a current Flexihostings client and would like to submit a comment or compliment, please send an e-mail to thanks@flexihostings.net.au. Please remember to include your name and your site's domain name!
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