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There are 88* millions sites in the world today. How do your customers find yours?
*Netcraft July 2006 Web Server Survey

The solution for creating the best online visibility is simple and free – search engines! Yes, search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN can help your business.

It’s easier to reach customers than you think!

Did you know that search engines are a powerful and cost effective way of creating revenue? If you consider the following user characteristics you will realize the potential of search engines you can leverage on:

Are you visible to your target viewers?
Is your site accessible and easily within their reach?
Are you generating sufficient revenue online, if any?

“Search engines are the #1 way consumers find new web sites online according to 73.4% of those surveyed.”
Adapted from Driving Customers, Not Just Traffic (Forrester Research)

Search engines are a powerful branding tool too! In a study conducted by Jupiter Research, it was found that 1/3 of users naturally associated companies listed in top results with top brands. Imagine the impression you could create by topping your competitors in search engines listings. The more traffic to your site, the more people are aware of your company.

The Jupiter findings have established that most people expect to find what they want on the first 3 pages of results before giving up. That’s a total of 20 search results. So the question is: How to get your website in the Top 20?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will help channel prospective buyers of your products and services to your website by optimizing contents, page structure, Meta tags and a host of other factors to obtain top ranking on major search engines.

Drive more qualified visitors to your website.
Receive more enquires/demo requests.
Establish or enhance your brand reach.
Increase revenue for your company.
Stand out from the crowd by maximizing your web presence and obtaining new sales leads with SEO. If you’re listed, you’ve got the world’s attention! That’s more target market for you. SEO is not expensive, largely ignored (hence underutilized) and is the most effective form of online marketing. Best of all, it really works.
  How much it cost?

Transform your website to a highly visible website in Google, Yahoo and other major Search Engine…

At only , we guarantee that your website will be at top 20 results position in Google of your Country segment.

 Payment Process
1. 30% Payment – Upon confirmation of project.
2. Our SEO specialist will analyse your website and will ask few questions from you to have a better idea on your website. We will then give you a list of suggested keywords or key phrases to use.
3. You will then review and confirm on those keywords / key phrases for us to proceed.
4. Balance of 70% payment is needed – Upon confirmation of keywords.
5. Once payment is received, our SEO specialist will work on your website intensively. Due to the nature of how search engine spider works, the result will only be visible within 4 – 6 weeks.
6. We will then provide you with a result report once we have achieved our minimum goal.
7. If we are unable to position your website in the top 20 results in the selected Google segment within 90 days, we will refund 75% of the project back to you and offer your website 5 years FREE hosting account as our gesture for failing to live up to our promises.
*Terms & conditions applies.
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