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The Team - Support Engineer Profile

The people at Flexi e-Solutions Pty Ltd web and server hosting divisions are experience server administrator and server engineers with many years of experience in real-world environment. We are good in building and maintaining servers and computer networks. Our team of administrative staffs is also wonderful people. Most of them have been with us since our inception and they are well-known to be flexible and love their customers. Here they are!!

Last Updated: 26 July 2008


Graduated from Deakin University, Albert has started this Company in 2002 with his most-trusted-best-buddy-partner, Sean. With his 15 years of experience as Business Manager, Albert has an idea to offer web hosting solutions that is flexible, friendly, relax, innovative, constantly improving themselves, great customer support and, of course, reliability.

Together with Sean’s extensive knowledge in IT, they have started Flexihostings from their living room armed with only 2 PC. Slowly, but definitely steadfastly, they have grown Flexihostings to its presence state with offices in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

Albert is known in the office as the “alcoholic” guy, “party” guy and “the marketing” guru. He could come out with brilliant marketing and business ideas even when he’s drunk that he could barely walk. Have you ever heard anyone coming up with thousand excuses before? Well…Albert is the master when it comes to exercising, diet and wearing a tie.


Graduated from the same university with Albert, Deakin University, Sean is the master when it comes to programming and IT stuff. He has the brain that works like a super high-tech and fast machine that often leads to his super encrypted language when it comes to talking to normal human being, like his staffs. Interestingly, only Albert (most of the time) is able to decrypt Sean’s words into a layman terms. Guess that’s what makes the two of them the perfect ingredient for Flexihostings.

Together with his adorable wife, Sean enjoys a long walk at the park and quiet moment with his family alone. Just like his partner, Sean hates exercising. Sean is often called the “bear” in the office, maybe because he is as cute as a bear but as fierce and deadly when he’s stress (uppss….).


The beauty queen in the office, Ashley is graduated from University of Sydney, majored in Computer Science. Being too beautiful with IT brain (which you can hardly find in here), she needs to work doubly hard to convinced people she has brain, not a dumb blonde. Ashley is Flexihostings’ sweetheart that holds a special place in everyone’s heart, even to our customers. She is simply too good to be true.

Actively involved in charity, Ashley often dragged us, literally, to volunteer our special time to contribute a little bit of something to the society. Though most of the times it brings a great satisfaction to all of us, we all tend to hide somewhere in the building from being dragged or nagged by her.


He’s the father in the house. Paul is the most mature person in Flexihostings with 35 years of working experience as Customer Service Manager. He simply loves pleasing people and being the man with a big heart. Everyone in Flexihostings often look up to him whenever we have problems, or even to just listen to his fatherly advices.

Paul with his beautiful wife, Sarah, been married for 30 years. Together they have 3 children and 4 grandchildren living in Victoria. With his excellent culinary skills, Paul is often called as “Big Momma”. “Who said only women can cook” says Paul all the time.


He’s the geek. The nerd. The Linux guy. However you call him, he’ll be happy with it. For Damien, he only eats, sleeps and talks to his computers 24/7. He is also the brainiac in Flexihostings. With double degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineer, Damien also has a Master degree in Computer Engineer and a PhD in Computer Engineer.

Being the geek guy, everyone, literally, does not exist in his world, although we are sitting right next to him. Just like Sean, when it comes to talking, he often needs to repeat two or three times so we could all understand it. No one can ever understand a word whenever Damien and Sean start talking and discussing about work. It’s a totally alien world for us.


There are so many ways to describe her. She’s the naughty girl, party lover, playful and yet she is very serious when it comes to work. Graduated from University of Melbourne, 10 years ago, she has been working in IT industry for most of her working life. “I don’t have to meet people face to face in this line” as her reason.

Being an avid traveller, Tasha has explored almost every part of Australia and even South East Asia. Her favourite holiday spot is Bali (don’t we all?). A pro surfer, Tasha never missed a single day without surfing, be it raining, winter or hot day.


Our “DC Man” aka “Programming Geek”. He’s our superman in Data Centre. He’s the one, most of the time, responsible for all servers we host (well..he’s the head anyway). “Computer is in my blood. I can’t live a day without playing with it” is what he claimed. We seriously think he talks to his computer so much more than any human being. You can always find him for any technical issue with the servers. He’s the man!


The easy-go-lucky girl, Cherry is the most cheerful, noisiest, loudest, shameless and fastest girl in the office. She is often known as the “crazy girl”. Graduated from University of New South Wales, she always talk about how great Bondi beach and Maroubra beach are, the Fried Mars Bar, Paddington market and many more (Boring…..).

“Talk first, think later” is always her issue and often get her into trouble, especially because she does things very fast. She is a devotee Buddhist who likes to chant, meditate and even listen to chanting song in the office. She has the weirdest taste too. Although she is young, fun and active dancer, she listens to old songs and her favourite singer is Luciano Pavarotti and Julio Iglesias. She may looks young on the outside, but she is extremely OLD on the inside.


Yip is the strangest person in Flexihostings. Yip refused to be known as a She or He to the customer. Yip would rather remain to be a mysterious one, but of course we know the truth.

Yip is the best when it comes to Technical support and explaining the most complicated things to customer and make them understand it. But if you ask Yip to explain it to you, face to face, all of the sudden the tongue will get tied up and not a word could come out. If it does, you would not understand a word at all too. Most of the time, Yip will explain a very simply and straight forward thing into a long difficult and confusing way.

Yip wants to be known as the “alien” in the office and refused to be a normal person. Yip likes to monitor the Helpdesk 24/7 and play around with computers. Literally, Yip has a mini data centre in the room with 4 powerful servers running without casing. Her favourite past time is to read up programming book and photography magazine.


“The Cute Billing Lady” is her trademark. Being the Billing girl, she is very attentive when it comes to money. No one escape her memory when it comes to owing her some money. Majored in Finance, Lyza has been working in Financial industry for 9 years. If you are heavily in debt, especially credit card debt, look for Lyza and she will pull you out from it. She has the best financial plan that all of us have been following her guide and never again worry about money. The sacred book you say.

She has recently given birth to the cutest baby boy ever. Together with her loving husband, they are the ideal happy family that you always dream about.


The “food lover” is her nickname. She eats anything and anytime, but never put on any weight. She is blessed with the fast metabolism that many women envy about. Just like Albert, she holds her liquor very well too. Everyone always try to get her drunk, but before she does, the rest will get drunk first. Her favourite drink is Black Label and VB (Victoria Bitter). Being our Admin girl, she multi tasks and run around the office all the time. Guess that’s why she is always hungry then.

Being one of the prettiest girls in the office, she has many suitors too, which often benefited us. Her suitors tend to buy foods and snacks for the office in pretence to get into her. Regardless of their efforts, she remains loyal to her fiancé whom she met 5 years ago. They are getting married in 2008.


The “designer chic” is what you should call her. She is the one behind all the beautiful and excellent websites Flexihostings have. “Do not disturb” is often what you get and see when you are near to hear. She will bite and bark at you when she is disturbed from her work. But once her project is finished, she will crack the funniest jokes on you that you often forget about all the bite marks she has left on your hand. (Don’t bite me AZ…).

Although she demands full concentration and no disturbance, she listens to rock songs to get her idea and being creative.


The “new kid on the block” who just joined Flexihostings not long ago. Having just graduated from RMIT University, Zack is the freshest victim in the office. He often got ‘bully’ by everyone, though we take care of him like our little brother. He likes to crack jokes on us and eats. Just like Shing, he could eat anything in a flash without putting on weight. “I’m hungry…” is what you often heard from him.


She’s gentle, motherly, full of advice and knowledgeable. She handles design job as well as any technical issue. Graduated from University of Canberra, she was once a Barista for 3 years before moved to Melbourne. Hence, she is also our “coffee lady”. With 15 years of working experience on hand, she is one hell of Corporate lady.


She is cute, adorable, gentle, knowledgeable in technical issues and annoyingly very humble. Being an ex-newbie (Zack is the latest guy now), Kiera adapted extremely fast to Flexihostings’ culture and work ethic. She is also great sales woman.

Always ranked the first in the class and having double degree in Computer Science and Industrial Engineering, she never spends a single cent for her study. She always got scholarship throughout her education life and extremely hardworking. Oh, did we mention she’s cute, smart and humble? How annoying is that……?


He handles billing, renewals, suspensions, terminations and technical issues. Being a fast typist, he is extremely slow when he eats. He is always the last to finish his meals, even though he started first.

Graduated from TAFE NSW, he was born in Darwin, raised in Brisbane, studied in Sydney and now works in Melbourne. Weird, he always head to the South. Maybe his next destination will be New Zealand er? He is also the ladies man, well, not in a bad way, but…he sure does know how to make a woman feel like a princess.


She is a tough woman, extremely independent and has an acute business mind. Being a single mother of two, she treats us all like her children too. Originated from Derby, she feels Australia is her home. It was all started from a backpacked holiday 20 years ago. She was awe by Australia culture and beauty and never took that return flight to Derby.

“Never regret that decision” she says. Stella is in charge of all those promotional items in Flexihostings, critical issues, customers’ problems, sales and the websites. is among the Top 10 Web Hosting Provider in over 167 countries in the world which is verified by WHI in 2008.


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