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Server Management Service

Pro-Active Server Management
Initial control panel installation and configuration, Kernel and server software hardening.
Installation of server base security services (e.g. firewall, bruteforce attack protection, rootkit checks etc).
Ongoing Updates of o/s, control panel, kernel and server software upon critical updates.
Complete Server Management
Include all Pro-Active Server Management service plus.
Troubleshooting of any control panel and server issues.
Assist with data restoration from backup provided.
One-to-one IM support - up to 5 hours per month.
Mission Critical Server Management
Include all Pro-Active and Complete Server.
Management service plus.
Managed backup solution - we will backup your data for you onto a remote server and restore for you when you need it.

The Benefits
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Dedicated Server Addon
Server Management Service
FTP Backup Service
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Prices exclude 10% Australian GST. Non Australian residents exempted.